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We’re pioneering financial experts providing integrated solutions to meet your financial requirements. Our in-depth knowledge and strong networking enable us to ensure seamless financial services to our clients.
Legacy Planning
U.A.E. is a land of dreams for most of the expatriates who come across from different countries in search of work, happiness, luxuries & holidays.

In pursuit of our dreams we build our small world here and we eventually buy Property, Car, Gold, Shares & other movable/immovable assets for ourselves & our family. However, most of the expats only understand the importance of Will when the bread-winner of the family dies as an Intestate. Since UAE is a Muslim country, did you know all U.A.E. courts adhere to Sharia laws in regards to inheritance of assets in case an expat dies here without preparing a Will?

Would you like a definitive plan in place as per you wish for passing your legacy to your family members and keeping the provision of distributing your estate as per your choice in future? We are here to help you in doing so.

At EFS, we provide complete solution for legacy planning by assisting you to draft your Will in order to ensure a smooth transition of your estate in future.
Online Trading Platform
Are you an investor based in U.A.E.? Would like to expand your portfolio to London and New York Stock exchange?

If you are a trader based in Middle East and want to trade in International Stocks, Commodities & Forex, we can help you to set up an online platform which can increase your reach to the global market.
Financial Planning
We all go through different phases in life, not seeing life for all that it is, and all that it can be. Without being able to go through life, learning from each step along the way, we will never be able to explore any new opportunities around us. Most of the expats are not aware of the options available for them in the international market.

EFS is the best possible place where you can get best possible support to develop a comprehensive evaluation of your current assets and future financial strength.

Our specialized team will do a complete financial health check up in order for you to get a comprehensive idea about your current financial status and the possible ways to reach at your financial zenith through a planned implementation of activities.
Living insurance-income protection
The biggest fear which most of the people have on their mind is – ' What if I lose my current income? And as your lifestyle depends on your income, protecting your income should be your priority in life.'

Most of the people leave behind a basic life insurance for their family in case of their death, But the question is - "What insurance do you have in case you live?"

It’s a well attested fact that being prepared for any eventuality reduces the intensity of the shock borne by the survivor. With support from our experts you can choose the most cost-effective ways to remain prepared for any unplanned incidents that may lead to loss of income.
Insurance to protect the future of your family
No one can predict the future but you can at least protect it by taking a small initiative for your family because ' Wealth protection and wealth creation go hand in hand.'

Protect the future of your family through a wide range of Insurance solutions from all the providers operating in U.A.E. This could be your first and most effect step towards ensuring the happiness of your family in the long run.

Our group of experts will help you to take a tour through all the available options and then select the most appropriate solution to meet your specific need.
Mortgage to buy your dream home
Whether it's about your dream home or buying a property in U.A.E. for investment, we can help you to transform your dreams into a reality! We provide end - to end support to enable you to get the best possible mortgage loan in U.A.E and the Middle East.

Starting from the initial process of applying for loan till the disbursement of the loan amount, our team of experts would help you through the entire process and advice on various additional benefits like home insurance, payment protection plan and many more.